BREATHE with Erin Kelly ~ Wednesdays at 7pm

Breathe is a class designed for You to BE AT EASE. Erin will guide you through a series of gentle myofascial release stretches to clear tension and to enhance your capacity to breathe with ease. She will guide you through breathing techniques designed to reduce chronic stress, fatigue and anxiety and strengthen your ability to relax fully and deeply. Along with the stretching and breathing exercises, you will be resting in restorative yoga postures and receiving aromatherapy and sound healing. Each class is unique and focused on the needs of those in the room.

Giving yourself time like this to de-compress and rest is such a wonderful thing. You just have to feel it to get it :)

Erin teaches every Wednesday at 7pm… Class offerings cycle between BREATHE, Restorative Yoga, & Goddess Yoga for Women.

Goddess Yoga for Women with Erin Kelly ~ Wednesdays at 7pm

Goddess Yoga for Women happens twice per month around the time of the new moon and full moon. It is part fluid yoga movement, energy healing, and rest. Every class is unique and focused on the needs of those in the room. Goddess Yoga is an experience of release through ease, attuning to your feelings, and trusting your body.

Restorative Yoga with Cari Trenhaile ~ Mondays at 4:30pm

Quiet, darkened room lit by salt lamps. Aromatherapy. All you have to do is get here. Restorative yoga is the antidote to overwhelm… This is the kind of rest that we all need more of :) Cari will guide you into supported postures using our blankets and cushions (bolsters) for comfort. Minimal movement… You are here to rest and receive. This a feel good relaxation class.

Slow Flow & Yin Yoga with Kitty Kuknyo ~ Sundays at 8am

Begin your day on a positive note! Kitty is a force of calm and peaceful presence... Her guidance will steady you as you enjoy dynamic breathing and moving your body through creative alignment focused postures. She has a gift for striking harmony between functional movement & feel good, long held stretching. You will have plenty of space to just be and breathe while enjoying a full body tune-up. Her passion & knowledge of the subtle energy body ( our chakras) is evident in her cues and you'll love her gentle way of encouraging you to move in new ways.

Strength & Stretch Yoga with Erin Kelly ~ Saturdays at 10am

Low-intensity, feel good body weight strengthening combined with myofascial release stretching.

This class is designed to help you feel and isolate engagement of your deep stabilizing muscles throughout the whole body so that you may move through your day with better stamina, ease and enjoyment. Myofascial release stretching is a gentle, effective way to clear tension from your body while increasing pliability of muscles and connective tissue and your range of motion.

The combination of Strength & Stretch will leave you feeling cleared of held tension in your body, energized and strong… without wearing yourself out, or creating stiff and sore muscles.

Hatha Yoga with Colleen Patton ~ Thursdays at 4:30pm

Colleen is both an occupational therapist as well as a Yoga Instructor.

She has a down-to Earth practical demeanor that will put you at ease as you learn how to create a feeling of harmony, stability and strength in your body.

You will enjoy the therapeutic benefits of moving with precision as well as the natural release of held stress and tension.

Yoga with Maureen Ryan ~ Sundays at 10am, Mondays at 7:30pm, Thursdays at 9am & 6pm, Saturdays at 7:45am

Slow, ease-filled guided movement and breath work... Gentle stretching and deep relaxation. Every class with Maureen is a fresh experience... She brings her knowledge of Ayurveda, her passion for creating magical space and her years of experience (over 30!) into each class. You can feel her heart with every word. Maureen always follows her intuition when teaching... You can expect her to weave through restorative (supported postures), some gentle stretching/movement, and her yoga nidra ( a sublime full body deep relaxation ) as she feels called too. Come to Maureen's classes with an open willingness to go with the flow... She always delivers just what we need!

Special Events on Sundays!

Soul Flow for the Healer ~ Special Women’s Circle with Lisa Espinosa

Renew~ Restore~ Realign … This is a special class for wellness professionals, therapists, teachers, body workers, mothers and all of you who are bringing healing to the world

Pause, retreat and Receive from your Soul

so you can expand your Soul’s medicine and give more fully

Remember when your cup is full, everyone in your life and in the world benefits

Sound Healing: Live Music, Aromatherapy & Restorative Yoga with Brendan McAlinden and Erin Kelly

Our Sound Healing is a 90-minute healing immersion for You to Receive. Erin & Brendan create a sanctuary space for you to let go and fully enjoy the benefits of deep ease, relaxation and healing vibrations created by our crystal singing bowls, gong & acoustic guitar. While you rest on heated water bags in restorative yoga postures, Erin provides aromatherapy and healing touch. All the while, Brendan creates magic with music. Treat yourself to some proper self-care!

Yoga Nidra with Maureen Ryan

Yoga Nidra is a blissful meditative state of surrender and deep rest. This is a full being, full body experience of HITTING PAUSE and feeling released of burdens. There is no effort on your part… You will be laying down with the support of cushions and blankets during this guided meditation. This is the kind of rest that we all need… It is the antidote to overwhelm, fatigue and chronic stress.

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