Colleen Patton

Occupational Therapist & Yoga Instructor

Colleen teaches Hatha Yoga on Thursdays at 4:30pm

Colleen is an experienced yoga practitioner as well as an occupational therapist. She began her yoga journey over 15 years ago after being diagnosed with asthma and scoliosis. Through her dedication to a consistent yoga practice, she has been able to keep her spine flexible and strong. She is an inspiring, down to earth  woman who  has such a great wealth of  body knowledge and skill to share. Her teaching reflects her expertise in anatomy and her passion for helping others to stay true to their own body, mind and spirit. 

Colleen has a  200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Prairie Yoga as well as a 90 Hour training in Yoga for Special Needs Children. She has continued her education with several yoga workshops related to spine care and scoliosis. 

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