COST: $10 per class ~ CASH only ~ Thank You!


Yoga in the Forest!

With Erin Kelly

7AM Tuesdays

8:30AM Thursdays

Erin is in her element teaching in Nature. Each morning will be unique and tailored to the needs of those who show up… Enjoy Being in Nature while treating your self to a Feel-Good, therapeutic yoga session.

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Yoga in the Forest!

With Maureen Ryan

8:30AM Tuesdays

Maureen is magical… She has over thirty years experience teaching Yoga and is masterful at letting her intuition guide her teaching. Begin your day with peace, healing and Nature :)


CORE Strength & Balance

(Pilates-Based Fitness)

With Terri McCabe

7 AM Thursdays

Connect to your deepest core and stabilizing muscles through Pilates-inspired movements. This class will focus on mobilizing the spine and challenging balance in order to better connect with the deep abdominal, back, hip, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles (known in Pilates as the “powerhouse”). No previous Pilates experience necessary.

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Yoga in the Forest!

With Alice Markel

Fridays at 10 AM

Alice combines classic yoga poses, breath awareness and meditation in her classes. Appropriate for seasoned yogis as well as students brand new to yoga….You will be encouraged to listen to your body and given modifications as needed.

Alice has been teaching Hatha yoga since 2007 and practicing since she was a teenager. She received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification from the Temple of Kriya yoga in Chicago and her 500 Hour Advanced Teacher Certification from Prairie yoga in Lisle with an emphasis on Therapeutics. She became a Level Two Reiki Practitioner in 2014. Throughout her teaching career, she has continued to gain knowledge from attending numerous workshops and conferences. In 1995 Alice spent over a year of rehabilitation resulting from an auto immune disease that left her on a respirator and completely paralyzed. She was blessed to have the support of family, friends and a team of amazing physical and occupational therapists but it wasn’t until she began her yoga practice again that she felt whole…she was herself again. It was through this experience that Alice was inspired to become a yoga teacher. Alice says, “ I teach yoga because I want to share the profound healing impact yoga has had on my life. I am drawn to help others find peace and integration of body, mind and spirit.”