Praise for Kitty

" I have been taking yoga classes with Kitty for quite some time. I started as a total newbie to yoga. She is an excellent instructor who is so patient, kind and caring. The entire experience is so magnificent. Its beyond words but I would highly recommend her to newbies AND experienced yogis. Namaste!" - Kellie Peterson

" I have been doing yoga for about a year and I have Kitty Kuknyo to thank for introducing me to this practice. If it wasn't for her patience, guidance and encouragement, I wouldn't have embarked on this journey. She is a wonderful teacher. Her spirit and guidance are truly a gift. I am forever grateful that she is a yoga teacher." - Kimberly Nega

" I had done yoga classes over the years but after taking Kitty's classes I have seen the benefits of yoga! She is a knowledgeable instructor who creates an inviting atmosphere. Kitty exemplifies yoga principles of respect, insight and deep commitment to personal practice. I found her teaching methods motivating. Her warm, caring, gentle nature has allowed me to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to my life." - Kelly Donlevy

" I began yoga with Kitty as an absolute beginner. Kitty provided excellent and encouraging instruction. I never felt embarrassed by my lack of skill and left each class feeling more confident and assured that I could progress in my practice. Kitty geared her instruction to the needs of each individual student and provided gentle corrections and suggestions for improvement. I always felt challenged, but never felt overwhelmed. I would highly recommend that you try her class." - Karen Feller

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