Here you can read Thanks & Praise from some of the beautiful people that I am honored to work with.

I love what I do. I am grateful every day for the privilege to make my living in ways that bring so much joy to my heart while being of service to others.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

"Erin's presence in my life has made me happier, healthier and better able to appreciate my own efforts... Erin has helped me to focus on my personal goals and prioritize my well being. She is supportive but not at all pushy or demanding. As a result, I look forward to our sessions, which remind me that taking care of myself is something I want to do."— Carol McGurry

"I have received several massages from Erin. I love her technique, passion and kindness. The massages have relieved pain in my back and I am very grateful for the pain relief! Her personality and professionalism keep me coming back." - Tony Glass

"Before I met Erin, I walked with pain and stiffness in my hips. I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hips and I had to take anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief. Then I met Erin, and through massage therapy, specifically myofascial trigger point therapy, and yoga my body has been transformed. I can walk now without pain or medications. Her incredible knowledge and understanding of the human body, along with her work and expertise in massage therapy, makes her an exceptional and gifted yoga instructor and person."— Carol Martinez

“Erin inspires me and makes me feel good every time I see her. Whether it’s a yoga class she led, a massage she gave me or just a conversation we had, I walk away feeling joyous. She has great energy and knowledge for her craft, which she will gladly share if you are lucky enough to be in her presence and accept her gifts."”— Maria Poulis

"Erin's passion for wellness of mind, body, and spirit drew me to her yoga classes and massage therapy services. Her expertise and words of encouragement have changed my health for the better. I'm so happy to be working with her."— Monica Carey

"Erin is the real deal. Her love for the work she does is genuine. She treats each person with whom she comes into contact with genuine love and respect. I had a bad year in 2014 as I experienced several muscle sprains. Erin was able to help me heal those trouble spots. Ive taken her yoga classes as well, and they are always a great way to unwind and allow time for introspection."— Ellie Dumas

"Dear Everyone Who Is About To Be Lucky Enough to Work with Erin, I am a massage junkie, but NO ONE has given me a better massage than Erin. Her energy is one of peace, confidence, and communion with the world. Her spirit works through her hands in a way that feels like she has reached out and encompassed me in her aura for our time together. I leave feeling not only physically relaxed and better, but like I've spent time in a less stress-free corner of the universe than I manage to occupy on my own. Being with Erin, whether it is for massage or yoga, is the privilege of being invited into a space of peace, love, and unity. She is the calm in the room, and has the magic to bring the rest of us into that space with her. I'm so grateful to know her!" " — Amy Fritsch

"Erin is not just a yoga teacher or a massage therapist... She is truly a healer!"— Debra G

"I started my yoga journey with Erin nearly six years ago! Erin is an unending beam of sunshine! She has a natural gift of meeting everyone where they are. It's no surprise that two powerhouses ( Maureen and Erin) are under one roof. What a gift!"- Dr. Chanel Phillips-Davis

"Words I would use to describe my experiences with Erin... Accepting, Loving, Wonderful, Fantastic, Healing, Personal, Warm, Gentle, Comfortable, Worth Every Penny. "- Tanya DiPieza


Thank You

As you read the following reviews… You may be wondering… What is Light House?! Light House was a business that I opened in Beverly in 2017… After a two year joy ride… I closed our doors and moved into my new home here at Body & Soul. I wanted to include these reviews here because everything that we offered at Light House is happening here at Body & Soul.

I beyond recommend the yoga classes. Erin and her group of teachers are such wonderful, patient people. The variety of classes are very cool too.There are regularly scheduled classes held outside, or with live music. Also offered is massage. I was so happy with how intuitive Erin is, both before (asking me great questions)and during the massage. I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck. The day after the massage it felt so much better. I can't wait to scheduled another one. ~ Sarah S.

Everyone needs to take a class at Light House Yoga. Once you do you will be hooked. Erin's Saturday morning Strength and Stretching is one not to be missed. It is a nice workout and a calming session all in one. The yoga studio focuses on the real person and what they need. Also Erin is a world class massage therapist so that training coupled with her yoga beliefs is a great combo. Light House Yoga is a beacon in my book! ~ Denise G.

Erin is the best massage therapist I have ever seen. Her presence is calming and soothing; her touch is filled with the gratitude that she has for life and the world. Erin's warmth and groundedness bring a peaceful energy to EVERY part of interacting with her. I never feel as good as on the table with her, and she listens well, is cautious of touchy places, will gladly go back and spend a little more time on an area, adjusts her work and pressure to fit what I need at that time. She knows the human body, where what tension or pain refers, what areas will need the most work based on recent activities, and never neglects the holistic nature of body and spirit.

It is a privilege to know Erin and be present with her. (And her yoga classes are awesome too!) ~ Amy F.

Erin took the journey through massage school with me. It was through Erin that I learned the importance of the "breath." She is an amazing bodyworker and yoga instructor. She uses her intuition to guide her in her practices & genuinely enjoys what she does along with immersing herself in it. But don't take my word for it, make an appointment or try a yoga class with her. You won't regret it! ~ Anastasia N

Thoroughly enjoy all the classes I have attended. Erin and Lauren are wonderful instructors. They keep me coming back. Erin is very attentive and responds quickly to all questions and emails. So happy to have this amazing yoga studio in our Beverly neighborhood!!~ Caitlin Dorgan

Every time I go to Light House, I have a wonderful experience! I have enjoyed massages by Erin and yoga classes with Erin, Maureen, and Kitty. It is such a peaceful, cozy, welcoming space, and the instructors are amazing! ~ Michelle Urbut

I came here for a massage by Erin, and what a wonderful treasure the Beverly neighborhood has in her. Erin took her time to get to know me, understand where to focus the massage, used beautiful essential oils, and even took time after the massage to discuss my health goals and gave me take aways to research and think about. Lighthouse is a place of peace and tranquility and I am so happy it is here. ~ Rebecca Murray

What a calming and wonderful yoga experience. The stretch class with Erin on Saturdays is amazing; Maureen and Kitty teach great yin and slow flow. All of the classes are fantastic. This is hands down the best yoga on the Southside!! ~ Lisa

Erin Kelly opens her heart to others as she welcomes all students...offering peaceful environments and great knowledge of yoga practices! ~ Susan Poole

Awesome yoga studio. Erin's classes have an instant calming effect and the classes are always the right mix of relaxation and challenge. ~ Michelle B.

Beautiful serene yoga studio! ~ Lori Daker

I did a group sound healing. The studio is a nice clean space. The temperature was good, not to cold or warm. Erin had a really good energy about her that made me feel comfortable. ~ Takia Washington