Enjoy this beautiful, tree-lined nature sanctuary with us all summer long :)

$10 per class ~ CASH only ~ Thank you!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Please register in advance for our Forest classes.

Class will be cancelled if we have no registrations by 9pm the night before. Thank you so much for understanding as we grow… Our Schedule Page will be updated to reflect any changes.

Here’s our In the Forest Line-up!

Click here for more details on Instructors

Tuesdays: 7am Yoga with Erin Kelly, 8:30am Yoga with Maureen Ryan

Thursdays: 7am Core Strength & Balance: Pilates Based Fitness with Terri McCabe, 8:30am Yoga with Erin Kelly

Special Event: (Same price!) Thursday, July 25th: 10am Co-Listening: A practice in deep listening and being heard with Christina Sprayberry, LCSW, RYT.

Fridays: 10am Yoga with Alice Markel

Location: Palos Park Woods North, Grove #1…Only 20 minutes from the Beverly Area…

Entrance to this grove is on Kean Ave between 119th & Cal-Sag

This Grove has its own parking lot, port-o-potty, and immediate access to the forest hiking trails… And… due to the great design… Where we practice yoga is set far back from the trail and parking area…

( As you can see & hear in this video ( taken last summer) … It’s Just us with the trees & birds :)

How to Prepare/What to Bring:

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

Bring a large beach towel, blanket and/or yoga mat.

Bring plenty of water and any other comforts that you may need to enjoy being outside… The area that we hold classes has plenty of shade and sunny areas.

( Layered clothing, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a snack, bug repellant (see recipe below) , hiking/biking gear if you plan on enjoying the trails)

Someone will always have bug repellant on hand… Last year we only had a couple of days where repellant was necessary.

If your schedule permits, you may like to enjoy a hike before or after class!

Natural Bug Repellant Recipe

You can use this repellant as a spray or soak cotton cloths in the solution to use as a cool compress or wipe.

SPRAY: In a small glass spray bottle, Fill one quarter of the way with your choice of either vegetable glycerin or witch hazel.

Add 20 drops total of essential oil ( Spearmint (mosquitos), Geranium (ticks), Citronella (mosquitos). Fill the rest of the way with water. Shake well before spraying onto skin.

COMPRESS: In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients used to make the spray. Soak cotton cloths or purchase Kleenex brand hand wipes and soak those in the solution. If using the Kleenex wipes… Fold each hand wipe into a square and layer the squares on top of one another in your container. Pour the solution over the wipes… Seal the container and keep in the refrigerator.


Please check the Schedule Page to confirm that classes are happening.